Friday, 1 October 2010

Choosing the right person (I mean Photographer)

Choosing the right photographer would be a great problems... Cos you know, wedding day is one unique day, it is not an annual thing (of course!!!) So, once u don't satisfied with your wedding photo, you have to take it, you can not re-do ur 'I DO'!! The good news is, there are so many choices around you now. They have various of prices and portfolio, unlike in the past days when wedding photography still have limited choices. The bad news have no much time to have a look one by one, all those wedding photographer portfolio.

Ok, here is my suggestion, i hope it can help u a little before you start to hund ur photographer down!!

1. The style.
Ok, i'm the one who thinks that arts is important, so important that i can put it in my top of priority. You have to find which style you like. Actually, wedding photographer (ok, every photographer)have their own style, so, u better start to browse around their portfolios, find ur match!!.

2. The Price
Ok, i'm the one who think about budget, but i'm not making it as my number one priority. Ater you find your wedding photographer that have similar style with you, next step is find their price list. So, once u got a price list, please have a quick look about what they have for you, with that money. This is important, u can't easily said that this wedding photographer is expensive than the other, before comparing their services.

3. The Person
I strongly suggest u to meet the photographer before you hire them. Meeting their assistant or secretary is not enough. Wedding day is an exhausting-important day, that will make u seriously stress out. It is really not a good idea to have some stranger around u with their un-pleasant face, or un-pleasant attitude.... or other silly things that will ruin your mood. By having some meeting before, hopefully you will have anything better.

4. So little time, so much to do
Yeah... that's what will happens in your wedding preparations. Even if you hire a wedding consultant, you still need to decided all things yourself, otherwise, you'll feel like you are in the someone else wedding, but you are the bride!! In some places, there are wedding expo, or wedding fair. So u can meet a lot of vendors at once. But please....don't make a rush decision there, u can take their pamphlet / brochure home, make some note on it, and think about them later at home.

So, have a fun wedding-photographer hunting!!